Is our life's work. No big deal.

Reo & Aika Kobayashi

Cape Coral, FL
"We received a postcard in the mail and decided to get a quote. Freedom Vapor Barrier were very nice to us and very affordable. Thanks guys! Great job."

Ed & Jo Smitts

Palm Harbor, FL
"We received 3 quotes and Freedom Vapor Barrier was the most inexpensive. They did a wonderful job and in a timely fashion."

Joseph & Bernadette Kashtan

Port St. Lucie, FL
"We couldn't believe how fast the process was. We left for the day, came back and everything was finished! Everyone was very nice and it was really great to see the pictures of underneath our home. Anyone could tell you anything, but to see it with your own two eyes was very settling."

Janet Packard

Ft. Myers, FL
"My husband passed away 7 years ago. I'm very uncomfortable making financial decisions now that I'm alone. I really felt like I took a leap of faith with Freedom Vapor Barrier. They did a wonderful job for a great price."

Freedom Vapor Barrier can repair your subfloor, repair sagging floors, replace your vapor barrier repair, install anchors and install or replace tie-downs 

in Palm Harbor, Ocala, Pinellas, Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Pierce, Lakeland and Ft. Myers Florida.

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